Our Story

Meet Savana Reed and Co Owner Ricky Ford

of Oakley Anne's Boutique.

Savana and Ricky are a loving couple. They're driven entrepreneurs, who are passionate about family values and creating a culture of happiness and inspiration. They're firm believes in doing things together and being partners in everything they do. They love the outdoors and country life. Their image of a vacation is being together somewhere in the great outdoors. That's where they feel like they are home away from home. You wont catch these two in the city very often. Their little family consists of them and their two little dogs, Miss Oakley Anne (Savana's) and Alley (Ricky's).


Where it all started.

They started a logging company back in 2015 and Savana wanted to do more. The company was now set up and she didnt have to be in the field anymore.

So she started network marketing. The problem was, it wasn't something they could do together. It was very demanding. It took a lot of her time and was cutting into their family values. She was very passionate about what she was doing but, it wasn't worth abandoning their beliefs in being a partnership. She still wanted to do something she was just as passionate about. That's when he asked her "If you could do anything without a money restriction, what would you do?", her response was "I've always wanted to have my own boutique." It was her dream to always own her very own boutique. She loves clothes, putting outfits together, and helping other woman feel beautiful.

So they took the leap together and he made it happen for her.

They're very strong believers that everything happens for a reason. That the life we live happens for you, not to you. They believe, that you can do anything you put your mind to.

How The Name Came To Be.

Oakley Anne's name came from their little sheltie Oakley Anne. She is the center of savana's world and it was only fit to name the boutique after her. Oakley's name came to be Oakley since they're in the logging business after the oak tree, and they picked her up in Red Oak, Oklahoma. Anne came from the american sharpshooter Annie Oakley.

What Are We About?

Our brand is all about the hard working woman of today's world. Oakley Anne's was created to help every woman feel beautiful in her own skin. No matter what. Style is one thing all women have in common but is yet so uniquely different. Oakley Anne's is founded on the idea that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident in her outfits. Oakley Anne's provides women with everything they need to embrace their unique sense of style. Fashionable outfits don’t have to be uncomfortable, and our trendy pieces allow women to look beautiful while still ensuring they can comfortably go about their work day or a wonderful night out. Beauty is more than skin deep, and we thrive on helping the inner beauty of every woman radiate through by providing clothing that will make their wardrobe match their incredible personality.

One thing this brand has above all else is passion. Passion for what we do. We put our whole heart into our work and our customers.  This Company has a very big heart and wants to give our customer an incredible experience while shopping with us.

We hope you love Oakley Anne's as much as we do and one thing we want you to know is, we appreciate you and your business. We pride ourselves in amazing customer service and taking the best care of you as possible.

                                                 -With Love Oakley Anne's